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What manufacturers are you selling parts for?
The first phase of our offering will include ARO® and Warren Rupp® wetted wear parts. Future AODDP offerings will include Graco® and Yamada®.

Is the quality as good as the OEM?
Yes, in fact with some parts the quality will be superior to what the OEM is offering.

Is there any change in performance?
No. All the parts are manufactured to maintain factory performance or better.

Are there any expedite fees?
No. We will ship out on short notice without incurring any fees

Is there a minimum order?
No. Order one part or several it does not matter.

How do we cross reference Spectrom parts with OEM parts?

For ease of ordering all you need to do is find the OEM part number and add an “S” in front. To distinguish between an OEM part and a Spectrom part simply look for the logo or Spectrom name on the part.

Once I place an order how long will it take to ship?
Our goal is to ship within 3 days

Who do I contact for information?
Most questions will be directed to the sales team.

Can I drop ship?

Yes. You may ship anywhere you like.

Will Air end wear parts be available?
Yes air end kits will be made available sometime in the future based on need or demand.

Will you consider making any other parts?
Yes. If we feel everyone can make money on a particular part we will make it. Just Ask.



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